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Don’t Spend the Better Part of the day getting you vehicle or motorcycle ready to show. Now BugSlide, one of the best bug remover for cars in CO, is your key to quickly and easily keeping your vehicles looking great in just minutes.

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This is the home of the one and only X-Treme waterless spray on and wipe off Cleaner, Polish and Bug Remover. BugSlide is specially formulated to deep cleans and polish all your vehicles to brilliant shine, while adding a protective coating.

One of the Best Bug Remover for Cars in CO

On you next ride or trip you will want to have BugSlide instantly available for that instant bug removal from the windshield, chrome, and painted surfaces. Don’t be without BugSlide if you are planning to enter your vehicle or motorcycle in a show. BugSlide is the only way to bring you entry up to show quality in a very short period of time.

BugSlide is the only Instant, Ultimate Detailing Kit in a spray bottle…

  • Cleans & Polishes To A Brilliant Shine Instantly
  • One Step, No Water Needed
  • Cleans Painted Surfaces, Fiberglass, Chrome, Lexan, Plastic, Glass, Vinyl, Leather
  • Is Non-Abrasive
  • Provides A Protective Microscopic Sheen and car paint protection (CO)
  • Advanced Formula Quickly and Easily Removes Bugs
  • Chrome Polish (CO)
  • Chrome Wheel Cleaner (Colorado)
  • Motorcycle Windshield Polish (CO)
  • Repels Dirt, Dust, Fingerprints and Smudges
  • Resists Scratching and Marring of Surfaces
  • Repels Water
  • Prevents Fogging
  • Non-Flammable



BUGSLIDE Travel Kits
BUGSLIDE Travel Kit is exactly that, a convenient way to carry BUGSLIDE cleaner, polish and bug remover with you while you travel. Micro-fiber cloth included.

Bugslide Polishes and Adds Shine

Tired of bugs, dirt, and dust taking away from the beauty of your ride? Do you need car paint protection in CO? Try the ultimate cleaner, one of the best bug remover for cars in CO, from As the most effective non abrasive auto polish available, this fantastic buffing formula will wipe off excess dirt and grime in no time. Advanced formula Bugslide works fast to clean and preserve motorcycles, show cars, and trucks to produce a beautifying effect. Use bugslide's newest product as a chrome polish CO to clean fiberglass, plastic, glass, vinyl, leather and even painted surfaces. Acting as a chrome wheel cleaner (Colorado) or motorcycle windshield polish CO, too, bugslide's line of cleaners is available in a variety of sizes for a quick and easy shine. For more information about perfecting your ride, browse through our informational articles today. Don't ride without the slide!

Buddy Rider Pac
Price: $76.00
Buddy Rider Pac
Buddy Rider Pac-Save $10.00 Two 32 oz. refills and two 4 oz. travel kits
Bugslide 64
Price: $60.00
Bugslide 64
64 oz. Bugslide
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